SS 2022

Pre-order now, dispatched in early May

292 pages

Soft cover with glitter foiled cover & pink-coloured edges

21x28cm / 8.3x11inch

Contributing artists

Jeff Bark

Raphael Bliss

Bloomers and Schumm

Bobby Doherty

Valentin Herfray

Paulo Sutch

Matthew Tammaro


and many more



Chloe Cherry

Sara Cwynar

Fat Mike

Tama Gucci


David Robbins

and many more

Pink is a paradox. It has been gendered, hyper-feminised and become a totem for all things cute. At the same time, pink has been reframed as a disruptive tool for political activists. Pink is religious, holy, and pure, but pink is also punk.


For our fifteenth issue Buffalo Zine puts on a bubblegum pink quinceañera ball gown. We take a strawberry-flavoured sugar overdose, diving into a rosé world. Absolutely adorable! But this is also an issue that reflects on the normalisation of our culture’s infantile tendencies, the shift in traditional gender roles and the crisis of an outdated version of manhood.