Sold Out

21 x 28 cm

2 Volumes, 112 pages each

Staple bound


Larry Clark

Tony Ward

Duane Michals

The Roches

Hugh Holland

Scott Matthew

Moon Duo


Prince Rama

The Raincoats

Contributing artists

Chlöe Sevigny

Patrick O’Dell

Jake Shears

Walt Cassidy

Yasmine Kittles

Rafa Gallar

Rafa Suñen

Matt Momchilov

D&AD Professional Awards 2014
Magazine Design
In Book

“The first issue of Buffalo Zine was a tabloid newspaper; this second one is actually two magazines, bound back-to-back by rubber band. It promises to reinvent itself in this way each issue, but the editorial intent remains the same, mixing icons with new talents in a highly personal manner. The result is a timeless, placeless expression of youth that is completely focused on people.

Many of todays independent magazines use other interests –cars, interiors, fashion– as a cover for actually being about people. Buffalo Zine drops the pretence and is all about individuals. This issue throws them all together in a rough, punky mix of handwriting, photobooth images and Japanese headlines.”


D&AD Professional Awards 2014
Magazine Design
In Book