Sold Out

20 x 27 x 3 cm

352 pages

Clothbound hardcover book, wrapped in a glossy dust jacket


Sissy Spacek

John Currin

Kate Bush

Will McBride

Chloë Sevigny

Anjelica Huston

Peter Schlesinger


Kim Gordon


Vivienne Westwood

Jonathan Anderson

Viktor & Rolf

Jean Paul Gaultier

Contributing artists

Tim Walker

Quentin Blake

Miranda July

Irvine Welsh

Charles Anastase

Benjamin Kirchhoff

Oliver Hadlee Pearch

Brianna Capozzi

Harley Weir

Lemony Snicket

T.C. Boyle

Joyce NG

Rachel Chandler

Lea Colombo

Letty Schmitterlow

Theo Sion

Florence + Nicolas

Nina Andersson

D&AD Professional Awards 2016
Magazine Design
In Book

“An exploration of the ‘timeless present’ – looking back into the archive’s of designers Vivienne Westwood, J.W. Anderson, Gaultier, Viktor & Rolf and Meadham Kirchhoff, as well as a list of contributors that includes Sissy Spacek, Tim Walker, Kate Bush, Chloë Sevigny, Melanie Griffith, Miranda July, Quentin Blake, Björk, Harley Weir and Irvine Welsh.”


“A radical and subversive trip through the joy of magazines. Each issue rips apart the fabric of magazines and reimagines them for a brave new world; mixing together new material, archives, rebellious typography, black humour and an irreverent sense of beauty.”



“The issue’s heavyweight 354-page book format is neatly justified, as is the slightly dreamy children’s book feel of the design. Buffalo Zine is the perfect riposte to the clichés developing in some areas of indie magazine publishing. Here’s a magazine that includes contributions from actors, musicians, artists, authors and fashion designers – significant names all, an A list of each discipline. Chloe Sevigny, Bjork, Peter Schlesinger, Irvine Welsh, Tim Walker… and it could easily be presented in super-cool fashion mag mode. Instead, the issue is a delightful confection of Victorian typefaces, elaborate drop caps, decorative borders and artful pastiches. There’s barely a centimetre of white space in the issue, it is so packed with design detail and content.”


“That content is strong too – this is not a magazine just about looks. Treading a subtle line between full-on parody and confidence in its own conceit. The fun of making the issue is self-evident, a feeling that readily passes to the reader, but this is backed up with intelligent commissioning and selecting of archive content. This is a magazine that creates its own world for the reader to immerse themself in.”


“Preview the mag that’s taking us back to childhood. Forget about teen nostalgia – Buffalo Zine is ditching rebellion and harking straight back to innocence, with shoots by Tim Walker and Harley Weir”



“Cloth-bound, hardcover with a glossy dust jacket and weighing in at almost 2kg, issue three is DIY like you’ve never seen it. And yet the publication’s most mature incarnation yet does away with the teenage focus of previous issues and looks back to childhood. Heavy on 70s kitsch, it marries references from old interiors magazines, favourite children’s books and the styles of eccentric old ladies to beautiful effect.”


“Strangely timely and timeless all at once, old meets new on the pages of Buffalo, which looks at youth culture with fresh eyes, mixing and matching a storybook aesthetic and eclectic typography with a tongue-in-cheek sensibility. The issue also delves into the archives of designers including Vivienne Westwood and J.W. Anderson, as well as counting Tim Walker, Harley Weir, Kate Bush and Chloe Sevigny as contributors.”

It’s Nice That

D&AD Professional Awards 2016
Magazine Design
In Book