Buffalo Zine No.16

Buffalo Zine No.16



The sixteenth issue of Buffalo Zine takes place entirely within the walls of New York City’s legendary Chelsea Hotel – both a refuge and a residence for an extended list of cult artists and rare individuals. For over a century it has been the backdrop to literary, musical and cinematic masterpieces.


The Chelsea Hotel has just reopened its doors after having been suspended in a state of endless construction for the last decade. Every room in the hotel has its own unique decor of stories, anecdotes and dark legends. Inside this issue you will find the remnants of a past time in New York City as well as the artists, musicians, designers, thinkers and directors that make up the present.


Choose your cover Hotel-Chelsea-1Nella-Marcin-Kempski Hotel-Chelsea-2Marina-Abramovic-Jeff-Bark Hotel-Chelsea-3Chloe-Dese-Analisa-Haley Hotel-Chelsea-4Jane-Pain-Richard-Kern Hotel-Chelsea-5Erica-Ohmi Hotel-Chelsea-6Paloma-Elsesser-Eric-Johnson Hotel-Chelsea-7Maddie-Theo-Xiangyu-Liu Hotel-Chelsea-8Patti-Smith-David-Gahr
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420 pages
Fabric-bound hardcover book
22x34cm / 9x13inch



Patti Smith


Marina Abramović

John Waters

Chloë Sevigny

Miranda July

Neneh Cherry

070 Shake

Kembra Pfahler

Lydia Lunch

Paloma Elsesser

Susanne Bartsch

Christopher Makos



Richard Kern

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Bobbi Salvör Menuez


Gogo Graham

Dasha Nekrashova

Bibbe Hansen

Colleen Weinstein

Chella Man

Aaron Rose Philip

Eric Johnson


John Wilson

Caveh Zahedi

Andrew Rossi

Mckenzie Wark

Hannah Baer

Roe Ethridge


Andre Walker

Precious Okoyomon

Miles Greenberg

Natasha Stagg

Sophia Lamar


Jordan Tannahill

Linda Troeller

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